Customize your electric light switch (prekidači) to your liking and need.

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When it is an electric light switch there is no one to beat Tem. It is one of the most innovative and effective Companies within this field. He has 40 decades of experience. Its factory is located in Velika Loka and it features a work team that brings together knowledge, the experience, and tools necessary to perform its own activities.
The Electrical switches offer a streamlined simple and modular design of the installation that is easy, may be utilised in public, private institutions and in the comfort of one’s house. The organization has three product lines, Soft, Line and Pure with incredible options and layouts that you’re able to regulator LED rasvjete (electric LED regulator) join to your liking.

In addition To the products offered there is the prospect of requesting a special order and the firm will be according to your requirements. Tem is obviously at the client’s sequence

All those Modules was designed to cover the least amount of space potential, its installation is perfectly located to ease its setup, its modular allows each product to be readily combined aside from whether the box has been curved, round, flat or Vertical combination chances is wide.
No matter Exactly what your taste in Tem there was obviously an electric light switch well suited for you. If you put in the website dizajnerske-sklopke you’re able to observe the wide number of products available, each they surprised by their characteristics are different from each other, find the one that most suits your tastes.

For much more Information about its electric light switch as well as other services, you also can input the website dizajnerske-sklopke or you can contact through the amounts shown on the website or send a note and the operators may take care of providing it All the necessary information that will allow one to choose the best suits your requirements. Tem is willing to satisfy all your own tastes.